So… It’s the finals?

Assalamualaikum and hello, all! I think it has been a while since I fully dedicated myself to upload a blog post. I could only cope with a few shorter ones before since a lot of things (meaning assignments) have been keeping me back. I mean even when I’m nearing towards finals, I still have this one group project due in two weeks.

Basically, the worst part about finals (other than the assignments that I sometimes wonder where on earth do they come from) pop out of nowhere and the due dates are most of the time… life-threatening. In fact, since as far as I remember, I have always held on to this “life principle” to never sleep past 2AM but this semester alone has seen me staying up at 3AM-4AM. One of those occasions occurred today with just an hour of sleep. The moment I was done with my presentation, I went straight back home and slept like I was royalty. A few tasty chocolate probably had to do with the drowsiness too.

But the point is, I’m a little free now and I can do whatever I like before I have to delve into revision for next week’s final exams (!). I want to do another sketch and update on my journal, and maybe if some of you have several movies you’d like to recommend, don’t hesitate to share!

Until then, good luck for finals everyone! Chaiyok!

Current reads: 

Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy (Helen Field)

Princess Diaries


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