Daily Prompt – Liminal

First of all, let me just say that this word, “Liminal” was not easy for me to understand. Yeah, I’ll admit that I had to Google it up, get the definition right, understand it and grew a beard in the process (yes, it was that long), and tried to figure out what to write about without getting it wrong. Turns out that liminal means being in a phase or process, or something like that.

So right at this moment, dozens of students such as myself, especially those who are taking degree in UiTM is celebrating and cherishing the moment amidst the mid semester break. Most unfortunately, I’m still stuck at my place and have not gone back home due to my lack of skills in driving (don’t have a license) and being a complete noob at maneuvering around public transportation other than the rapid bus.

Even so, being it a Saturday, I was surprisingly very productive. I mean, not THAT productive but I was consistently busying myself the entire day and basically trying to cut down on the assignment load that I’ve gotten from my lecturers. I think what really motivated me to do what I did instead of falling for the trendy “Coma Mid Sem Break Syndrome” was the music playlist that I have on my Spotify. It kept me away from being a corpse. Yep.


Now if we look above, ladies and gentlemen, this is the pile of books that I’ll be carting home for the break since assignments have already reached up to that dangerous level. They look so HEAVY to carry but I have to always tell myself that, it’s okay, I got just about a month to go through all this mess and I’d be free like a unicorn.

Well, it’s just above 10pm, I got my dinner and I’m ready for a good movie. Until next time!


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