Hello, Weekends!

The moment the word “weekend” finally registered into the depths of my mind, I let out the biggest sigh of relief that I had been keeping for a whole a week. 

Waking up at 5AM every day just to avoid toilet traffic with 4 other house inmates is the only motivation that I have before facing another busy day. By 8-9PM, I would go through the door of my home, looking totally exhausted and just needing of a good story to read and sleep on (unfortunately still haven’t had any progress with Bleak House, left it at my parents’ SIGHHH).

Image result for sleeping gif


I’m not sure how everyone else spend theirs, but my weekends particularly on Saturdays is all about Me Time. After spending a whole week with grueling work or classes, assignments, and club commitments, I think everyone should have just that one day dedicated just to enjoy themselves. 

At first, this sort of idea never came across my mind. I always thought that every moment matters, like I always need to occupy my mind and hands with assignments and work. But after some time, I became tired and somewhat restless. I needed to do something I would willingly do outside of my academics and just have a little bit of fun with.

What my weekends (Saturdays) are like:

1) Blogging and actually take my sweet time with it without having to think about how long I should spend on it.

Image result for frantic typing gif

2) Doing my laundry. Okay, let’s be completely honest with ourselves and get this over with. Laundry is non-existent during the weekdays. There’s millions of things to do and laundry simply cannot fit in between our tight schedule. Did I ever mention it’s a really tough workout? You need strong muscles for this chore!

Image result for funny laundry gif

3) Sleeping in! There are no ways to describe the blissful feeling of waking up at 8AM without my seriously blaring and annoying 5AM alarm next to my ears. It’s all about taking in the morning scene around you and being aware of it.

What’s your weekend like this time?


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