The White Cat

Hello, people! I am Dessi, the newest addition to the family since late last year. I am almost a grown up, okay fine, I’m one year old and I’m filled with beautiful things like love, sweetness, and of course, a bit of mischief.  

My favourite hobby besides hunting for lizard and bugs in the house, is to observe my family’s daily activities. I particularly love to watch when they’re cleaning the dishes late at night, brushing their teeth, blogging, SLEEPING, and basically everything.

Dessi: I got my eyes on YOU.

 If my owners are busy and they don’t have the time to play with me, I’ll be sure to remind them of my existence by putting myself DIRECTLY in front of the computer screen or even better, sitting on top of the keyboard (all their work…gone like the wind…). What? A cat got to do what a cat needs to do!

Today is Eid Aidil Adha so my whole family left me alone at home while they celebrated (sulk). Here’s one picture of them WITHOUT ME.

Lots of loveeee


Image result for real cats paw print


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