Acing in English Professional for Communication (EPC), UiTM

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Assalamualaikum, Internet people!

And of course, since it’s a very historical day for Malaysians, I would also like to say: 

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!”

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It’s her 59th birthday and she’s doing us proud.

Although this does seem like an odd moment to choose to write about this topic for today’s post, but I can’t think of any suitable time to do it. The sooner, the better. 

So how to score in the course, English Professional for Communication (EPC)? This question can also be applied to other courses that are heavily influenced by language, or if you think any of my following tips can help you, then I would be really glad that it can! I want to reach out to my friends who can benefit them and maybe you have your own tips I can learn from!

I personally don’t think it’s hard to score in the course because all it takes is pure effort, and not really on one own’s natural talents. Effort can change your whole fate in the future and that’s what I did. Yes, I’ve had exposure to proper English early in my childhood years, but I don’t let that become my sole factor to success. I would definitely fail if I were to rely on that. Discipline, time management, and balance are things that I hold on to to get dean list for two consecutive semesters.

So what can you do to score?

1. Practice, practice & more PRACTICE.

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Whether or not you have a natural flair in fluently speaking the language, no one can run away from practicing to converse in English frequently. It’s really important that English becomes a huge part in your life. 

Once you have pledged into this course or any other courses that requires you to apply English, you would have to take any means to be as fluent in it as you can; both in writing and speaking.  

And since we happen to live in Malaysia, facing sneers and prejudice comments from others, including from your own friends and family, are predictable to come your way. 

But you know what? Just ignore it. You’re in this course, not them. You want to be successful in this course, not them. And the only thing that can bring you down is letting them get to you and changing your mindset for the worse. 

Be your own person and take the lead to adopt English in your life!

Things you can do:

1. Speak in English whenever you’re with friends from the same course or courses that uses English as its medium.

2. Converse in English when you’re in campus and class.

3. Watch English movies without the subtitles (I recommend you guys to watch English classic movies like Jane Eyre, etc. because they use proper English pronunciation)

4. Try rapping!

5. Read lots of books, blogs and other materials. I buy newspapers on a regular basis and I make myself read them and talk about the things that attracts me to friends who are willing to hear about it. 

6. Start blogging! Honestly, blogging has changed my life from the moment I set one up. In school and in my foundation year, I never really practiced to write essays in my own time. I blog so often that typing in English was literally me practicing my writing! You can do whatever you like in your own blog, just as long as it is in English.

7. Have friends with good English to check your grammar when doing assignments.

2. Start your assignments early.

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Wow, we’re into assignments already? 

But I noticed that not everyone realize how important it is to do their assignments right and ahead of time. Being in a language course that heavily implements on assignments/practical work rather than exams, our marks really depend on how well we do with our assignments.

To score good with them, you need to start early. If you need to change anything at the last minute, you could still have time to recheck your whole work and later avoid common disasters like broken printers or virus infected files!

Not only that, by simply drafting your plans for your assignments, it would help you and your lecturers to view the general outlook of your assignments. It really helps in keeping up with ideas, things that need to be done and what you have already done.

3. It’s all about balance!

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Don’t hide under a rock, dedicating yourself to studying and doing assignments throughout your semesters. I’m telling you, it’s not all that worth it because I’ve been in that phase before where scoring as the best student was my goal. It only made me unhappy.

You’re in university now and this is the perfect time to discover about yourself. Divide time between studying and completing assignments, and joining in events like public speaking, volunteerism, idea pitching, SPORTS, your own business and so much more. I think it’s really important that you expand your skills to add up with your academic performance. That way, you’d be an all-rounder person with skills and knowledge.

However, don’t disturb the balance between your academics and personal activities. If you feel like joining a number of events is negatively affecting your grades, immediately reduce your participation in those activities and focus on your academics. 

I think I’ve summarised three of the most important aspects you’d need to score in EPC. I have more to say, but time is not on my hands today. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment in the box below and I’ll answer them ASAP. Until next time!

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8 thoughts on “Acing in English Professional for Communication (EPC), UiTM

  1. Muhammad Fahmizuddin says:

    Assalamualaikum. Honestly, I was so exciting reading what you’ve written regarding to EPC in this blog. If I manage to finish my diploma this year, I prefer this course for my degree. To make it easy, I have listed all my questions. Those have curiously been puzzling in my mind since the day I decided to take this course. Hopefully you will answer them sincerely ok. Lol.
    1. How many students had been taken during your intake session? It is honoured if you can tell the number of students generally so that I will know whether this course is highly competitive instead because my CGPA is quite low. (It’s pretty inglorious to admit but I have to. haha)
    2. In your perspective, do you think this course needs students who have ‘great’ ability of memorising in order to be always among the dean list in every semester? Because I hate memorising and that’s the reason why my CGPA has been getting very low.
    3. As I know, this course is under ‘Akademi Pengajian Bahasa’ and located at UiTM Shah Alam ‘only’. Am I right?
    4.FYI, I haven’t had any exposure to proper English during my childhood and I’m so sorry if there are many mistakes in this post. I would like to know, are all the students in this course speaking fluent, eloquent English? I need to be prepared if it is my destiny to get this course (I hope so), so that I will not be so humble in class later on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Syazwani14CatsBlog says:

      Assalamualaikum, Muhammad Fahmizuddin! I’m truly honoured that you’ve taken the time to read my blog, and I’m completely fine if you wish to contact me about this course. I’ll do my best to introduce you to this course. 🙂

      1. Well first, regarding to your first question, EPC takes on average of 75 + students per intake, and that happens twice a year. We have a fixed number of classes as of for now and that makes it 3 classes. Each of these 3 classes has not more than 24 students each. When talking about the competition to get into this course, I would say it’s quite alright. I chose EPC as my first choice in the UPU and I easily got it. So it depends on the sequence of the courses you choose as well as your results. To find out more about the requirements, check this link out >>>

      2. Based on my own experience (which isn’t much but for now it would suffice), this course uses a combination of both memorisation and practical work, but mostly it’s hands-on sort of thing. We get more assignments than other courses, but the pros of that is that we don’t really have to memorise that much, and we have very few subjects to take during our finals! So don’t worry too much about it,this course is all about exploring your abilities in the English language and your communication skills.

      3.Yes, EPC is only found in the Shah Alam campus of UiTM. 🙂

      4. No one is perfect! We’re all here for a reason, and that is to polish up on our English, what we know about the things around us and be really good communicators. I can guarantee you that not one of us were perfect when we got in here. I really hope to see you here some time in the near future!! Do contact me from time to time!



    hello i would like to ask what are the core and non core subjects in this course?also how do you find it after learning for idk 2/3 semesters? is the prospect of work for this course big enough if i were to graduate from this course? thank you


    1. Syazwani14CatsBlog says:

      Hello, Amira! It’s so nice to hear from you. I’m Wani from Part 4 now and I’ll answer your questions to the best of my capabilities. So, on to the first question, I will send you this link HERE that leads to APB’s official website. A list of core subjects is available there for you to check out and they even have the description for every subject.

      In EPC (LG240), we also have three electives to choose from that you have to adopt once you’re in Part 2 (Sem 2) until Semester 5 and they are: Education, Biz, and Tourism. Now I can’t really explain much on Education and Tourism, but I can share a little bit about Biz since I’m taking this elective. In Biz, I’ve taken Intro in Management, Intro in Marketing, and I believe that next semester, I’ll also be taking Intro in Retailing. If you want to know more about the two electives, I can share more with you through email: and I can get my friends to help and explain.

      Also in EPC, starting from Semester 3, you’re given choices to pick a Third Language Class for the next 3 sems such as German, Mandarin, Japanese, etc. It’s pretty cool.

      PLUS, and I can’t believe I forgot to mention this earlier, you’ll be taking something like a computer class from Sem 2 till Sem 4 where you’ll learn to design websites from scratch, Photoshop, etc.

      Since I enrolled into this programme, the administration has changed the syllabus quite a lot to upgrade the subjects to suit the times. In my opinion, this program can definitely bring you far. You can get so much skills here that you can almost literally enter for any jobs that are out there. The most important outcome from this program is that you’d be built to communicate more effectively. And that’s something that a lot of companies need these days, for fresh graduates who can communicate very well and handle a gazillion tasks. And yes, because this course only takes up to 3 years (final sem is for your internship and completing your Final Year Paper, something like a mini thesis), the workload is incredibly lengthy. But the good news is, compared to most courses, we get the least papers to sit for during the final exams. YASSS…

      If you have more questions, feel free to contact me! I hope it helps!


  3. nurul asyiqin says:

    hi !! so i am currently waiting for my upu results. and for the moment, upu is letting us change our choices. so i was thinking of epc. ive done some research…but um would u mind sharing what was your final result during your foundation year ?? cause i wanna like…confirm if at least i have the desired qualification rather than what stated in uitm’s website. that is if u dont mind sharing. but if you dont want to. its okay.


  4. athirah (@athrahahmd) says:

    Helllooooooooooo, I stumble upon your blog while I was googling about this course cause I got accepted so yay me hahaha lol. I’m excited about it cause its actually my first choice.

    I just wanna say thank you for writing your blog cause all the other ones I found was like was back to 2012 and 2014 and I really find your blog, I mean this post helpful. hehehe xoxo


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