The end of the Japanese Summer Programme 2016 (Toyo University – UiTM Shah Alam)

Today marks the last day of our buddy session with our awesome Japanese friends from Toyo University. This post is a compilation of all the things that we did for the past two weeks.

If my Japanese friends are reading this, please keep in touch with me and the other buddies!

My side of the room for the next 2 weeks

Our Japanese friends and their sensei at the airport on their first day in Malaysia

The first 3 buddies to arrive for duty on the first day

With these adorable friends at the Blue Mosque

We also visited the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple Shah Alam

 My group; Shizuki, Kohei Kamijo, Tomoki Hoshina and Mizuki at the night market.

The highlight of the night (!), tasting the great durian.

Our Japanese friends in traditional Malaysian outfit to dance!

Meanwhile, at home…

Dessi after tiring herself out from shredding tissues apart.

  Ainal and me in the bus to Putrajaya! 

The peaceful view from inside the Putra Mosque

Us posing near the Putra Mosque

Even if the hot sun nearly kept us feeling dazed, our smiles were still infectious! 

 Taking a big selfie in front of the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya

Some of them (the guys) seriously contemplated to swim in the lake at Taman Botani. 

Supporting our BGU Japanese friends who presented about their stay in Malaysia!

Posing a group picture at the Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying (FSPU) 

Presenting you 4 awesome buddies at FSPU

We visited Batu Caves!

Hello from above!

A brief discussion session between buddies and participants (Shizuki, Kohei Kamijo, Tomoki Hoshina and Mizuki) about the kompang.

They even tried their hands in Islamic calligraphy (khat)!

Our friends did a few cool dances, including our traditional one at yesterday’s farewell party.

The BGU buddies were there too!



And that’s the end of our journey, being buddies to our Japanese friends in the Japanese Summer Programme 2016.

I’m honestly grateful for saying yes to joining this programme as a buddy because I got to meet, befriend and help my Japanese friends throughout their stay here. They learned a lot from us and we got to know all about their culture too! We’re all proud of you!

Besides that, I was given the opportunity to get to know all of my LG240 buddies! I’m telling you, these guys are hilarious! 😂

See you guys again when the new semester begins!

 *This post will be constantly updated with newer pictures*


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