Reach for Your Love


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I don’t want to be self-obnoxious but recently when I looked back at how far I’ve reached to be where I am now, I’ve realized how little credit I’ve given to myself. Life hasn’t always been flowers and rainbows for me, and yet, I’m here fighting on for what I deserve. And I think a lot of us have overlooked that fine little detail too.

Quotes like “Love yourself first” and “Treat yourself like a queen/king” are there to remind us every single day to remember that despite the many odds, we are here, still breathing and living towards the life and goals we want. God may help to pave the way for us, but it is our own will and decision to make that first move.

My point is, others won’t always be there to support us or in worst scenario, no one would because perhaps they don’t understand our goals, our objectives. That’s why we should never stop believing and striving for ourselves. We, ourselves, is the biggest supporter to what we want to achieve in our lives.

If we were to give up on us, then it’ll be very difficult to move on from that position and soon, it’ll be game over.

So my last words, love yourself!





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