A Trip to Tanjong Karang

Tanjong Karang, Kuala Selangor

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers!

After noticing the “worrying” level of our fish stock in the freezer, my mum told us about her gut feeling that insisted we drive straight to Kuala Selangor first thing in the morning. Her soul simply wouldn’t rest until more happy fish filled our freezer. Of course my dad immediately jumped at the idea because more fish probably means more of mum’s AWESOME cooking during dinners.

I was also thrilled with the idea since I can use it as an excuse to escape from the confinements of our home. It’s not just that, but I have good memories of Kuala Selangor, a place well outside the usual setting of a city but still bustling with life amidst traditional culture.

We used to visit the place a few years ago but mostly to watch fireflies at night, enjoy the breathtaking sunset and beaches.

They also sell lots of fish. Let’s not forget that.

This is partly to do with the occupation owned by quite a number of the habitants who consist of fishermen and fishmongers.

As for explaining about the 1 hour 30 minutes journey it took for us to reach there, I’m unable to do that since I was asleep pretty much the whole drive. No kidding. The moment we left our neighbourhood, I was snoring like a sloth at the back seat and I was in that position for the next… Oh, I don’t know, until we reached a small restaurant in Kuala Selangor to grab…. CENDOL !

For those of you who don’t know what Cendol is, it’s a kind of dessert that has coconut milk, jelly noodles, small and chopped up nuts, and shaved rice. Small cendol and coconut shake stalls simply dominate along the side of the road! We had our refreshing cendol at a place called Cendol Bakar.

My mum told me that when she first came to the little restaurant, she actually thought they serve roasted cendol. Turns out that “Bakar” is the name of the owner. haha… But whatever it is, this place simply rocks! They have a drive through here! As we waited for our orders to arrive, I did notice the never-ending line of shiny, sleek cars queuing for their cendol at the drive through. Amazing…

Even when the weather was scorching hot outside, the roofs of dried leaves kept us perfectly cool underneath. Plus, they give this really tropical sort of feeling as if you’re at a small restaurant by the beach!

And here is my cendol topped with DURIAN!

 I had also ordered Char Kuey Teow to keep the mighty growling wolves inside my tummy quiet since we didn’t grab our lunch before we headed out.

It was 2PM and I certainly took my time slurping on my sweet durian cendol (should ask them to reduce their sugar next time) and unsuccessfully spooning out my lunch. I stopped fooling around when I felt my mum’s impatient and hard stare on me that obviously read, “HURRY UP, WE NEED TO GET THOSE FISH!” and I really did hurry up.
We first made a stop at a few small stalls by the road to buy snacks.

We even managed to grab fresh and sweet rambutan for RM5!

After much wandering around, we arrived at the fish markets and our cold storage containers were slowly heaving with fresh fish!

My mum was the happiest person at the market! She prodded and tested the freshness of each fish before asking them to be weighed. Even when she cut her finger on some ice or a fish, you could just tell how incredibly ecstatic she was by just being with an abundance of fresh fish to choose from.

Note that if you’re planning on driving up to Kuala Selangor to get your hands on fresh fish during the weekends, it’s best to be there by 8 or 9AM. We came in the afternoon so it took us time to choose for fish that were fresh the most.

Walking pass a house owned by one of the Chinese residents.

 The picture below shows some of the fish that were being dried under the sun.

The best view we had throughout our short exploration in Kuala Selangor.

By 6PM, we were exhausted and our little car was groaning with the weight of all the goods we bought from this awesome and magical place. We made one final stop at a famous sate restaurant. Funny thing about it is that they only serve chicken sate but who cares when their peanut sauce is the BEST I’ve ever tasted???

ABC in a cup!

As if to wish us farewell, Kuala Selangor gave one of its final gift…

The End


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