Pieces of Luxury

Branded sports cars

Bungalow and mansions

Successful career

Money and nothing to worry about.

When I first found out that today’s prompt word is “Luxury”, the first thing that came to my mind are the things I mentioned above. Quite materialistic, right? But who is there to blame when those are the things that are flashed around from highly successful people on the media? Even Google Images provide lavish pictures of cars, fashion, and yachts!

It almost seems that for us to have a luxurious life, we need physical objects in the recipe. But is that necessary?

Well, there is nothing wrong with wishing for a better and extravagant lifestyle because let’s face it, who wouldn’t? It could pay off our education loans, house rent, bills and so many other money-related stuff that constantly nag on our brain whenever they show up. But that is as far as luxury can go in our lives  because at the end of the day, after having all that we wanted, would it make us truly happy?

In my opinion, we can only feel a sense of luxury if we have small doses of them once in a while. It’s like when I finally got a certain flavour of  an ice-cream I’ve been dying to buy after finals were over. It actually felt worthwhile after all the sweat and blood I “sacrificed”. But imagine if I ate that particular ice-cream every day, would I be able to sense the difference between the days? Would I  have given my all for it?

That’s what I meant, something that is so special, if taken so frequently and lightly wouldn’t be fully appreciated. Little doses of nice things can add colours to our lives.

What do you think?  🙂

Daily Prompts – Luxury


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