My Thoughts on Maths (Adv)

Most of the time when people come up to me and ask about maths or any other numbers-related topics, I would laugh it off but deep inside, I was grieving. 


You see, as far as I remember, numbers and me don’t go very well together, in fact, I can say we have a love-hate sort of relationship. 

Some days I could crack an answer to a hard maths question, feel happy about myself and then grow to love the subject and of course, the other result is that I look at everything else positively that day. 

On the other hand, if things were to happen the other way round, it’s not pretty, seriously. I would snap the book shut and shove it as deep as my school backpack could go, never to be seen again until I cooled off (or when my teacher demanded to see my homework). 

Back in primary school, while the other kids whizzed passed the door to celebrate their break freely, I was given tons of additional maths exercises that my teacher wanted me to complete. Let’s just say that I didn’t enjoy that summer break very much. 

It left me thinking whether I was mentally retarded for not being able to solve the questions, even the easier ones.

I’m not that very good or bad at maths. I mean, I can pass it well but I’m not exactly a genius. Whatever that I learnt about the subject was just enough to ensure my survival in school. Period. Once I graduated, something like advanced maths never crossed my mind again. Not really. 

But the whole point is, not everything that I learnt back in school is practical to what I do now. You know all those algorithm, integration (HATE HATE), indices and so on, they aren’t practical AT ALL, at least for me being in the arts/language field. Of course, it would be a GREAT help for those who later pursued their studies in medical or engineering courses, but for the rest of us? Naah. 

The closest thing to maths that I do use are just really basic calculations. With calculator of course.

What are your thoughts?


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