My Handwriting

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers! 

With the time I have now, I just have to get something clear off my chest for a bit so I won’t have to worry about it or at least not so much later. It’s an issue that has been bugging me for quite some time now and yes, it can definitely be categorised as LIFE THREATENING for me if I don’t take care of it… soon.

It’s about my handwriting. 

Now, before you can make any comments about it, just hold it for a second. Anybody who has stick around my blog for some time, you would know EXACTLY why I should be worried about a “mere handwriting” problem. And I can bet you’ve seen several pictures of my “beautiful” hand work too. It speaks out nothing other than HORRIBLE, UNREADABLE, and a quick death invitation by any poor souls who will be checking my papers later. My handwriting is simply appalling, even for my standards.

Whenever I have to write really fast, it’s like I lose control over my hand and it gets possessed by a walrus to finish up my work. I don’t know when it first started because as far as I can remember, my handwriting used to be really nice and I’m not even fibbing anyone. My friends used to ask for my notes in class because they were always presented neatly in big round handwriting that makes it very easy to read. However, I guess when I started to use the PEN, things started to go downhill from there. Like really fast. There is something about a pencil that demands the hand to write slower because it produces more friction so basically, writers have no choice but to write out RIGHT. With pens however, less friction and a smoother option to write, my handwriting just ends up looking like random squiggles on paper. LITERALLY.

And the fact that good ideas fades pretty quickly in my head, the only way I know to grasp them before they do, is to write them down… FAST. From here too, I develop a bad habit of writing so fast that any plans of writing out neatly ends up flying out of the window. 

I thought there isn’t any space or time for neat writing but I realized I was wrong. I’ve seen dozens of people who write at speeds equal to mine and yet, manage to maintain a ridiculously spotless, perfectly-lined and immaculate handwriting from the first written letter to the very last full stop in the end. JUST HOW DO PEOPLE like them do that? I’m starting to think I really need to re-programme my brain after this semester ends and dedicate a whole month to improve in my handwriting. -_-“

A true and funny story from my experience. It happened a couple of weeks ago when I was taking a writing test in class. We were given 4 hours to complete writing out a 1,500 word essay which is quite sufficient for anybody to complete the task. But in my head, it simply wasn’t enough especially when I thought about the possibility of me having mid-way writers block or something life-threatening like it holding me back from writing. 

So, as soon as we were given the green lights to start writing, I literally grabbed the paper and created trails of fire at the tip of my pen at the speed I was writing. My lecturer even commented for several times that I needed to slow down because I was going too fast. While everyone was writing at a comfortable speed on their third paper of their essay, I was zooming onto my fifth page like I was being chased by cannibals at my feet or something. 

Only when my hand started to cramp and I had to take a break and look back at how well did I do, did I realize the extent of the horror that trailed behind. It was too ghastly to describe. Of course, at that stage, it was simply too late to rewrite the essay (nicer version I mean), so I had to move on to finish the essay at a slower speed that I could manage. In the end, half my essay looked decent enough and the first half… Well, you get the idea. 

My lecturer, who was taking a tour around the room wondered when I was going to write out my essay. She thought I was still writing out the draft for my essay! I told what I was writing is the actual essay. She certainly looked at me funny afterwards. I just knew I sealed my fate (an unlucky one, unfortunately) on that eventful day.


So yeah, major improvement is needed here.

big sigh…


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