Bonjour! 你好吗!

And that’s about the only greetings I know and learnt in French and Mandarin yesterday. I’m going to learn more some other time in the day but I might focus on Mandarin alone this time because drilling my head with both languages almost drove me over the edge. My family and cat can be witnesses to that.

Anyways (!), I figured I should write about some of my plans for this semester break. Yes, I know, based on my past experiences in creating daily activities schedules and organized, I’m not very good at doing them but this time, I’m determined to do something great for myself.

I want to be more productive so that later on when I come back to attend classes again, I won’t be like, “What on EARTH did I do for the last month?” or “Oh my gosh, I grew a beard which is cool by the way but nobody wanted to tell me that???”

Okay, I got a little bit carried away but the point is, I have to use my preciousbreak so it would be worthwhile. I want to achieve something before coming back such as learning a new language (Mandarin, which is s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y hard!), sharpening my writing skills by doing small proofreading jobs and reading up on random journal articles daily. A friend said I was mad but I’m still sane enough to do all of that yesterday so…

I could get a job but it so happens that I don’t have a car driving licence yet so that will not happen. And I came to know that I really don’t like office jobs that very much especially when I have to be strapped to a chair from 8AM till lunch break and then continue to do so till 5AM. It’s such a bore.

As for my health is concerned, I would like to lose a few kilos, get those summer abs everyone is crazed about (hahahha) and go out for jogs. And of course, I really think I should stop hogging on all the kuih raya in the house like they were oxygen. Someone should hold me back when I want to binge eat them!

My mum: Wow, we must have had so many guests that my kuih raya has almost entirely disappeared.

 Me: Um… Yeah. I guess?

Besides that, since I happen to be a normal if not old-fashioned young adult, I would also like to watch all the movies I missed during the final exams season. I somehow managed to survive without my regular dose of historical period dramas and diving into Austen land. My next greatest achievement?

I should do that with ice-creams too.

Anyways, have a very happy Eid Mubarak!


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