Commuting and Reading

If I need to describe the mundane activity of commuting to work coming from a total newbie of almost three months, then I have plenty to say. It’s hectic, busy, and everyone around me seems to have a clear objective of where they’re headed.

Everyone but me.



How To Prepare for Your Internship?

Whether it’s for your own personal need or to simply pass the grade and graduate, most of us can’t run away from an internship or practical training. However, there’s so much to be done and time is ticking, and now you’re thinking, “What ON EARTH can I do to land myself a good internship place?”

You don’t need miracles for this one but just a few helpful tips to get you on your way.


Letting Go of Expectations

As an enthusiastic twenty-ish university student, I am constantly meeting expectations that are often at times feel like they’re being bombarded at me. While there is a number that I can manage and fulfill, there are still many others that I can’t or maybe would take a longer time to achieve. I think you know where I’m going with this and if you do, I’ll take you step by step in the context that I’m trying to build up for today’s blog post. 


So… It’s the finals?

Assalamualaikum and hello, all! I think it has been a while since I fully dedicated myself to upload a blog post. I could only cope with a few shorter ones before since a lot of things (meaning assignments) have been keeping me back. I mean even when I’m nearing towards finals, I still have this one group project due in two weeks.



And my first proper sketch for weeks!


I felt a huge itch to sketch something all day yesterday and so once I got home, I took out sheets of clean paper from underneath my bed and dived into sketching mode. This took me 4 hours to complete. There are some parts I still think I need to improve on but being an amateur in art with no, I’m pleased with it. What do you think?